Admission procedure

Prospective participants need to submit a report describing their doctoral research project in the following format and structure:
  • Format: single PDF file, font 12 points, 1.5 lines spacing, length between 5 and 10 pages (not including references). Proposals longer than 10 pages will be rejected!
  • Structure (apart from the front page, the content of the sections is indicative, not normative)
    • Front page including title of the doctoral research; candidate's name, affiliation (department and university) and full contact details; supervisor's name, affiliation (department and university) and full contact details; date of admission into your institute's doctoral program; executive summary of the doctoral research on maximum 15 lines.
    • Context of the research: describe the broad problem/application area within which to situate your research; identify the main previous research related to yours; explain how your research relates to the research and/or expertise of your supervisor('s research group).
    • Problem statement and goal of the research: describe the specific research problem addressed by your research; motivate its importance (i.e., significance, relevance) from a scientific and/or practical point of view; describe how and to what extent your research will provide a solution to the problem; identify the intended scientific contribution(s) of your doctoral research and state its/their originality/novelty.
    • Solution approach and related research: briefly describe the alternative solutions to the problem, including those contributed by previous research (as well as their limitations); present in broad lines your solution approach and motivate why this approach is adequate and/or better than alternative approaches.
    • Methodology: describe the overall set-up (including assumptions and constraints), the process, and the research methods that are required to apply your solution approach to the research problem; provide for the different steps in your research plan sufficient details about data sources, data collection and analysis techniques, applicable theories and research instruments, research procedures, evaluation and validation activities, etc.
    • Results so far: if applicable, present a brief account of the research results so far.
    • Planning and timing: provide a planning (i.e., research plan with steps) and timing for the part of the doctoral research that is not completed yet.
    • References: provide a complete list of the literature referenced in the research proposal
  • Send your proposal to

Submission deadline: July 1, 2012
Notification of admission decision: July 1, 2012

Upon selection, further details will be sent to participants.